English order system: Taobao buying agent

Taobao buying agent presents new order system for shopping service in English with credit card payment. Buy from taobao english site faster and easier!

You have been waiting for past several weeks for resuming of our service. Yes, we know it was way long for some of you, but you will see it is worth it.

So what's happened with agreetao.com for past two months or so? And well, it is simple: we were busy with making your Taobao shopping experience even easier, simpler and faster. Now when we know more than anybody else about what you expect from a "Taobao agent" and how to meet your requirements. That is why we are launching today our brand new order system to buy from Taobao in English, and soon in Russian and French. If you do not see the changes, do not forget to refresh the page! In our next post we'll give you more details about the system functions and order processing. You are invited to visit this page: http://www.agreetao.com/user/login to request your login access to the system and start buying now.

What's next? Well, we think that a good Taobao agent should not only help to buy from Taobao, but also suggest, advise and bring a maximum information to the buyer about shopping on Taobao, so Agreetao will provide you with more functions on our website. We think that you like to know what you will have to pay for your Taobao items and estimate the international fees, that is why you will see soon a very handy fees calculator to estimate your Taobao order price including international shipping fees. Also we know that you need to translate Taobao pages to get the items details before you buy them, that is why we prepare a new Taobao search function with English, French, Russian and other translation version that we hope you will appreciate a lot.

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