How to ride unicycle -- electric balance scooter

Each person has their own ride a learning experience , we may not the same, I said here is just one way for the new reference .

Many online tutorials , including exercises to find a corridor , but this is not the fastest way , because the novice can not keep a straight line , in the corridor often left buttresses supporting the wall left and right against the wall right wall, but slow progress, but after all, a safe way .

Another crash is training wheels , though let you quickly learn forward and back , but it allows you to have a dependent , removed auxiliary wheels when you will be very frustrated ! As originally thought he had a cow over the center of gravity of you simply can not find it! As you see, electric balance scooter is not difficultto learn, everyone can try it!

1 , site :
My theory is to find a spacious flat place , not many people as possible obstacles , because when you are just learning will be unable to maintain a straight line , so that you will not be because the site wide road has changed or if you want to hit the curb or to burst into the grass the forced jumped , with their best efforts to maintain the key is to quickly fall off success ! With more every time you go to one meter in the absence of support measures for the case to go the 10 m 50 m , inner satisfaction and joy is the corridor can not be replaced .

I was so practice on a person's leisure park lacks large plaza practice , will take more than 50 meters after five minutes , and 10 minutes after a wait for them to be able to control the turn radius of 10 meters near the Big Bend , one hour after will be able to freely walk on the park road .

Ground to be flat, not on the ground in the area of brick / stone ridge patterns have on the ground / Blind finest road practice , very subtle regular lines will have an impact on the sensitive direction of the wheelbarrow , the novice simply can not manage this deformation and twist !

2 , Bumper , this is a perfect match unicycle , or can go online to search the Internet to see more pictures of other unicycle riders , most people have posted Bumper , when a novice just beginning to learn the legs will Ge pain, which directly affect your mental pain and movement , because of the pain you will be action deformation , so the best time to start practicing just paste bumper or wear leggings .

3 , the focus of the other tutorials feet :( did not say )
Front of the car , first of all, make sure your foot center , this is very important, all the tutorials did not say that ! 80% of all people is the right foot, 2 percent is left , and left -handers did this relationship. Which is the method to judge their own center of gravity of the foot is feet stand upright , let a friend in case you do not notice a pushdown you , your subconscious is taken to the leg better focus foot. Snowboarding is also used to determine the forefoot that is the focus of this foot. Snowboarding is also used to determine the forefoot that is the focus of this foot. You should first focus is to step on the foot pedal wheelbarrow leg better ! Novices have hesitated in the end which first stepped foot ? ( Some people say this is not to judge the focus of the foot , so that , as a child played the one-legged battle dry it, is a hand clutching ankle , beating the other leg , the leg with bent knees and dry battle opponents , well, you beat the leg , the leg is your center of gravity is the most stable way you stand , grasping hands on that leg is not the focus of the legs )

4 , foot position :( other tutorials did not say )
Novices often bad step , step is not good , not just affect your perception of the state of the vehicle , but also affect the relative position of your legs and wheelbarrow fuselage, it was found that when just learning although they have an emergency step on one foot but all of a sudden a wheelbarrow from a small arc across the overturned Tuibian painted it? Because the position of your feet too far forward or rearward it!

After you determine the center of gravity of the foot , then the first foot on the pedal , the focus of the foot side of the car 's body stuck in the middle of the leg , the other foot pedal taxi light , gravity foot , leg , and car Trinity , have a whole sense , do not mess dangling dislocation. First scooters , feel good , try to set foot on the other foot . The position of the front and rear foot to master , novice look best feeling that shoes are equal before the pedal position in front of the exposed length of the heel or toe out a little bit more than that , it means the center of the shoe toward the center of the pedal or by before a little ( you feet in size , with the leg position is aligned as a reference ) , the location is too far forward on the list of not conducive to your learning .

5, the center of gravity forward :
The car is to determine the forward and back by gravity , so the center of your car will go forward pressure he gradually began to feel , to overcome the fear of flutter Street , because you do not ride, can not speeding, so basically not flutter Street . Novice bad master overall center of gravity forward , some people in the front half of the foot pressing down firmly , well, though is wrong, but it would be a method to learn , like snowboarding novice just learning often by foot adjustment angle board instead of the center of gravity , although tired, but also helps to find the feeling.

6 eyes ( other tutorials did not say )
Eyes must be fixed on the front , do not look down at the car , do not bend the upper body upright as much as possible ! The novice must pay attention , just like riding a bike , looking down at the ground all day when you ride , non fell not , the human ear 's balance organ is semicircular canal earlobe body , it is difficult to grasp when you bow in balance, you try test your feet on the ground stand up straight , place turn 10 laps can not faint , you bow down turn in place ten laps to try, almost dizzy spit !

7 , the protective tape
Tape is to protect the car , not much use for learning , as well as a little obstacle . Sometimes you jump off , the car because of the strap and pull you a somersault , the novice as well as possible because of the existence of the tape and taped down or pulling the vehicle upright , it is not right , it is detrimental to learning ! Novice just practice when there is no tape you are likely to crash , novices and experienced it, the car may also be tied to the tape roll out of control , life and death , or drop it! Car money can buy , life is your own , do not risk your life to give up money, to say we are not wrestling that more than ten thousand of the Tyrant 's SoloWheel! Really afraid crash , then you give the whole car before practice affix protective cushion sponge it. ( Some riders do not agree with this point of view , well, a long time before those N out of the veterans on the protective tape Reinstall the root protection zone, you try to square one hand to the side and gently force when it is not but affect you already skilled riding it? )

8, tire pressure
Master tire pressure can be maintained at 2.5-3.5 helps responsive steering , the novice can adjust the tire pressure to about 2.0 , and do not be too low , too low tire harmful . The tire pressure is actually high electric bike than you think some go , because the bike on two wheels balancing your weight , only one wheel wheelbarrow load all the weight . Under 2.0 tire pressure , the car will be relatively slow so the thief does not help the novice to quickly grasp the essentials

9 speed. We beginner , always afraid of a bad master fast , go slow , not knowing that the slower the more difficult ! This wheelbarrow transport, and a bicycle , and sometimes slow movement but not good grasp , so some forward speed is needed on such tools is to find a balance wheel in motion , bike riding for hours and no one OK , stay slow ride to adhere few minutes , understand?

10 , kept shaking did not fall. Again, and bike similar to a bicycle if the body down to the left , to the left handlebar is necessary to produce a reaction force and the centrifugal force against the right , the body is straightened . Unicycle is , if you find the car left down , put the body to the left turn light , if it is found to the right down, turn it to the right light . In this shake correction in a long time you can not afford to keep the car down.

After reading this tutorial , I hope you can easily break my five minutes straight 50 meters more than 1 hour to park roads liuwan records !

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